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WIPAC International Piano Artists Competition

July 29-Aug 2

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GWU Music Dept
Rm B120
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Chateau Gardecki introduces semifinalists at Mexican Cultural Institute in the "Versailles" Room

Washington International Piano Arts Council (WIPAC) was established in 2001 to promote international friendship and mutual understanding among nations, to provide an educational forum for all levels of professional and non-professional pianists, to create a renaissance of interest in the art of piano artistry, and to provide venues worldwide where classical music can flourish in many communities.

To further its goals, WIPAC has developed a 5 Year Plan which aims to make the organization take on an expanded mission. In addition, a sponsor gift-giving brochure has been developed and both documents are available upon request. Over the past 12 consecutivw years, WIPAC has hosted an annual Festival of Music and an International Piano Competition for piano artists (in the non-professional class) above the age of 31 in Washington, DC, during the months of July/August. It is the only competition of its kind that has remained continuous year by year, in the U.S.A. Our sister competition in Paris is in its 26th year in 2015 and WIPAC is in its 13th year. WIPAC also hosts an annual “Winners Grand Prix Piano Concert” during the month of April, which is a fund-raising concert that features winners of international piano competitions worldwide, specifically those that are open to non-professional piano artists; and WIPAC also offers many piano concert events featuring both professional and non-professional piano artists in museums and embassies throughout the Washington, DC METRO area.

For sample recordings by WIPAC PIANISTS, visit our HIGHLIGHTS PAGE (see tabs above). These feature non-professional artists, growing and glowing with new artistry to share.

Concours International des Grands Amateurs de Piano" (est. 1989) in Paris, France, and "Van Cliburn International Piano Competition for Outstanding Amateurs" in Fort Worth, Texas, USA, have been sources of inspiration for the organization. Since those competitions were begun, many others have followed in cities such as Boston, Colorado Springs, Salt Lake City, Chicago, Berlin, Vienna, Warsaw, St. Petersburg and others. Various festivals featuring amateur pianists are also being organized throughout the globe. The concept continues to grow with new concepts and is accompanied by broader recognition of wonderful pianistic talents worldwide, year after year, to be enjoyed by all!

WIPAC is registered as a non-profit entity under IRS Section 501(c)(3) and derives its support from the generosity of those who believe that music and the performing arts contribute to the enrichment of our lives.

The Festival of Music and Washington International Piano Artists Competition is scheduled in late JULY or early AUGUST, annually. Detailed information is provided as soon as available on the COMPETITIONS page of this website. Interested pianists are encouraged to contact WIPAC for further information on dates, eligibility, and preparation requirements. Previous year requirements may be used as a basis for pianists to prepare. Final applications for the current year are posted after most details of the competition are finalized; e.g., locations, etc.

Over the past 13 years since its inception, WIPAC has been very privileged to have presented annual “Winners Grand Prix” piano concerts at foreign embassies in Washington, DC, and the Board is very grateful for the ongoing cooperation from the embassies of France, Bulgaria, Portugal, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Germany, Serbia, Iceland, Philippines, Malaysia, Finland and Luxembourg, the Mexican Cultural Institute, and the Kosciuszko Foundation, DC Chapter, for graciously allowing us to present concerts in their great atriums, salons and residences to the delight of audiences.

WIPAC also has organized fabulous musical galas and many piano concerts with the gracious patronage of Ambassador of Iceland H. E. Helgi Agustsson & Mrs. Helgi Agustsson; Ambassadors of Malta, H. E. John Lowell and Mrs. Therese Lowell and H. E. Mark Miceli & Mrs. Josette Miceli-Farrugia, and the Ambassadors of The Republic of Poland, H. E.Janusz Reiter and Mrs. Hanna Reiter, and H. E. Mr. Robert Kupiecki and Mrs. Malgorzata Kupiecki, and H.E. Ambassador of Bulgaria, Elena Poptodorova and Georgi Petrof, H.E. Ambassador of Portugal, Nuno Brito and Rosa Brito, and Ambassador of Luxembourg, H.E. Jean-Louis Wolzfeld, and the listings continue. WIPAC concert events and galas have also featured generous performances of accomplished piano artists: Christopher Shih, Henri Delbeau, Paul Romero, Vincent Schmithorst, Viscount Thurston, Ali Mustaq, Matthias Fischer, and Michael Slavin, all former winners of the WIPAC International Piano Artists Competition.

We cordially invite our audiences and supporters to join our membership and support groups so that we may continue to make piano music artistry flourish in our community. Let great music live and continue to enrich our hearts and minds!

Chateau Gardecki, Board Chair
Washington International Piano Arts Council